State of Affairs [Introductions]

Welcome to my blog!

For as long as I can recall, I have found myself instinctively drawn towards Occultism.

The innate bond weaving myself into the occult world has inspired me to pursue knowledge wherever possible in hopes that I may acquire wisdom and with it a greater understanding of the web of magical fields I so passionately devote myself to.

We never stop learning, and so, no matter how firm an understanding I hold of my field(s), it is clear to me that there is, and always will be, more to discover.

Throughout my studies I have come to realize certain things about magic itself, and applying it. Truthfully, I confess that some of these were very hard learned lessons to accept at times. These are just a few of the key concepts that are now deeply ingrained in my mind, following a series of trials and unintended consequences.

Firstly: Magic is a tool, not a solution. It can be used to aide in the pursuit of a solution by influencing aspects of the problem, but attempting to apply it as a cure-all can often lead to causing more harm than good, often introducing unintended complications to the original issue.

Secondly: Magic is governed by higher laws than our concepts of moral sanction. It does not distinguish right from wrong, it simply exists. For those seeking to chennel that energy towards achieving their purposes, expect countermeasures, magic is a give and take. While not accountable to morality regarding how you use it’s energy, magic requires balance and so the more of yourself you invest into a working, the higher the risk that any resulting backlash will be more potent.

Thirdly: Magical energy itself, and subsequently means and practices used to manipulate it, are never one sided. There will always be a mirrored aspect to applying magic, equal and opposite, in order to maintain the delicate balance between life, death, and the void respectively.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge, wisdom, and experiences with you all.



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